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New Beginnings 

It is almost 6 months since I moved into my new home. Every day I have loved coming back here after a long day at work, or if I’ve been away visiting friends or family.

This is how a home should make us feel – content, proud, at ease and safe.

I was in a fortunate position to be able to afford a few changes since moving in – most notably that I had all the walls painted white, a light ‘Sahara’ carpet lain throughout and the same roller blinds in all rooms, unifying and clarifying my space.

The previous owners had the loft converted and it feels like being in a tree house now that the seasons have passed and leaves create a soft green canopy. The seagulls squeak and squawk, the faint smell of the sea greets my olfactory senses when I lean out and watch the world go by.

I had to chuckle this evening when I noticed 3 burly policemen tucking into ice-creams from the Gelato Factory across the road. And why not? North Berwick is a seaside town in its prime and we all take advantage of what’s on offer.

Yesterday S and I took Jack for a walk with B and we sauntered onto the beach intending to stay for a short while before heading out for tea. Well the wind dropped, the sun came out, B met one of his friends J from school and the evening suddenly took on a new shape. B+ J are a good combination and played in a huge hole that we had made, threw balls for Jack and bit by bit removed items of clothing. We could not disturb the fun and the thought of sitting in a restaurant when we could stay outside was not appealing. We moved along to the boating pond, J’s mum N went to get chips for the boys while S stayed with them and I popped home to take Jack back, grab towels, a blanket and wine. Neither S nor I had met N before but we all chatted amiably and 3 hours had suddenly passed in good chat, decent wine and 2 very happy, sandy and tired boys.

I had not expected to be in the situation of having a much younger child in my life and although S and I nearly didn’t get past an episode of thoughtless behaviour on his part, we continue to get closer. We talk, laugh share our hopes for the future including ‘never getting married’ (again for me, ever for him) and I find my life has taken on a renewed energy and direction than I had anticipated 6 months ago.

Despite the age gap -S is 13 years my junior we seem to understand each other. He is kind, thoughtful, tender and generous. He makes me happy and I love our time together.

I’m also very happy living alone, especially during the week.

In 3 weeks school will be over for the summer break. There is still so much to do but as my home and garden and relationship take shape weaving hope and joy around me I know that I will do the best I can to make each day count.

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