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My Mistake – my opinion

I didn’t sleep well last night – the usual Sunday night blues knowing that there was a day of work tomorrow. But wait – I’m on holiday.

Here’s the thing -I  have always believed that the school summer holidays are too long and this fact has been born out by children too  (TES 2013)- albeit unofficially, but I feel a referendum coming on. Ok Im joking, perhaps an opinion poll then?

I had decided before we broke for the Summer that I would work at Meadowpark this week and most if not all, of next week. Some planning to do, issues to resolve, like the fact that the suspension files I ordered don’t fit the filing cabinets that someone else had ordered. Or that I inadvertently ordered 2015/2016 planners because I was using an old catalogue…little things but important to get right.

I knew that I had to take all the necessary security equipment with me: keys, security card etc and was pleased when I entered that building that all was as it should be. I set about to task :  making coffee, eating breakfast,and answering emails.

When the doorbell rang I assumed it was one of the workforce coming into finish off a spot of wiring, joinery etc. What I didn’t expect was a family on the doorstep asking for directions to a summer scheme. This was my undoing – as soon as I stepped forward to point out the way to them and let go of the door I realised I was locked out.

No site manager today – its Edinburgh Trades Fair holiday which seemed to include most of those in the Authority who could help me. I popped round to Knox Academy feeling somewhat abashed to find the unflappable J at her desk who welcomed the distraction of phoning all and sundry of those who might be able to help, rather than the piles of paperwork she had aspired to tackle.

Fortunately R was also at his desk and after many suggested options and the enlisting of a number of innocent bystanders (in corporate) we were able to configure the necessary equipment to all me to go back into the building. All of this took nearly 3hrs!

One big lesson very much learned: keep keys and security badge close to hand at all times! A HUGE thank you to all those who helped this morning and MASSIVE apologies for those whose time I wasted.

Ironically when I chatted with my bestie J this evening she admitted that she had turned up to work this morning with no ID at all and so had to wait for a colleague to arrive 1/2 hour later.

Fingers crossed for a decent night’s sleep and successful entry to work in the morning.

The debate on school holidays can wait for another time, but I read a few years ago that there is a brave Head Teacher somewhere in North England (Leeds? can’t remember) who has changed the school year so that no child or teacher is in school for more than 6 weeks without a break and that holidays are no more that 4 weeks. I seem to recall that there is also the option of flexi-time over holidays so that staff do not have to pay the exorbitant holiday charges that no government seems willing to challenge. Or perhaps I am just wishful thinking now? Something to think about when the summer holidays are well passed their use-by date as attention span radically lessens as years go by.

My Mistake –  a poem

You smiled as I passed by and yet

I did not reply

I think we’ve met before but

I really can’t be sure.

So rather than admit I’ve got it wrong

I’ll look ahead as if you don’t belong

to where I am or where I’m from.

But if I see you once again

I’ll smile and wave as if we’re friends.

To go it alone I’d rather not,

I’ll share a little but not a lot.

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