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Moving On Up

So – tomorrow begins a new chapter in my life – in so many ways. Not least that I will be climbing stairs on a daily basis again, something that hasn’t happened in my last 3 homes.   Ok, my 3rd house ago involved a 22 step climb to the bungalow that it was. Dollar was a bungalow and 51a is a ground floor flat.

No.3 is a double upper – so not only do I have a dozen or so steps to climb up from street level (unless I use the parking at the rear), I then have 2 stories to climb to reach the amazing loft conversion that will be my main living – room space.

However before I make that final journey I will be a guest in my own wee flat in Edinburgh for a few days as I make final preparations to set up service providers, Wifi, Broadband etc.

I am tired, buzzing, excited and just a little chuffed. Somehow it feels like an achievement to have been in one house for 11years. I know many people who never move and I used to question to myself – why not? Well after the last few months, I know exactly why not! Moving house is hugely stressful and would test the patience of the most chilled personality type.

It is late for a school night- just about midnight and much as I crave sleep I also don’t want this night to end.

I have had many offers of help from many dear friends, but I believe this was a journey that I had to face alone. L Face-Timed on Sunday and T came over on Monday and so their support and love has borne me through the last few days.

I have had amazing support from colleagues and the wider social network of friend who live far and away.

I truly feel so well supported from family and friends that I cannot but be optimistic for the future.

Life begins at 30, 40, 50, 60 – and life has taken an unexpected and surprising turn for me and yet I have never felt so sure of moving on alone – facing challenges, moments of frustration and exasperation but also of untethered joy and enquiry.

Moving On Up – a poem

Good-bye Home of eleven years –

you have been a beacon of hope to me

through life, changes: love, grief, loss and joy.

Many have crossed your threshold

and the hope lingered that many more feet

would find their way into the warmth and love

that dwelled here.

But it is time to move on up.

Your new custodians are warm, gracious, kind and loving

– you will be nurtured, cherished and developed.

It is time for me to breath you in one more time

as I turn to sleep.

Thank you House.

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