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May Blossom

Last Monday was Summer and yesterday was late Autumn! We really shouldn’t be surprised, but we are. Then again a ready made topic of conversation is given to us as we meet neighbours walking dogs, buy fish from Edward Collin in Why Not? and pass the time of day with chatty checkout assistants.

I woke early – for a Saturday at least and was walking Jack by 0745. Bliss – no golfers to contend with, in fact there weren’t even any dog walkers this morning. Jack had had a very upset tummy during the week so had been confined to lead walks. He was impeccably behaved when I let him off the lead for a ball chase, threw himself onto the ground to roll in the morning dew and came back when called even though the temptation to explore a stinky smell almost overcame his self preservation.

I could have walked for hours this morning out to Gullane and back but time was ticking as I had to get to MRT, especially knowing I won’t be there next week. Ironically although I was reluctant to take on the role of trainee coach, it has increased my confidence around our new volunteers and even around the horses. I rode MacGregor during warm up last week and the previous week and fully understand that Tess needs her head space (don’t we all!) or else she is inclined to nip.

As I was walking back up Abbotsford Road with Jack, my senses were happily bombarded by the most glorious scent of wild dog rose and May flower blossom. I breathed in deeply and revelled at the stunning display that Mother Nature had provided. My eyes calmed by the stunning pale and vibrant pinks of the roses, ragwort and the lingering lilac of the few remaining bluebells, as we passed windows with curtains still drawn.

I treated myself to a pedicure with Holly on Thursday, had a complimentary Murad facial today and have booked a 1hour massage tomorrow – a birthday present – at Macdonald Marine. Personal grooming has become an important part of my daily, weekly and monthly routines and I was chuffed to bits to be told today that I had ‘perfect pores’. I know – sad but true.

Thank you family for great skin genes!

Tomorrow will be like all my birthdays and Christmases at once: L+T, and M and V are coming for beach walking, cocktails, family chat and a healthy dose of nonsense.

May Blossom – a poem

‘Curl around me like a fern in the Spring*’ –

soft sweet words as the seasons ebb and flow

as the tides come and go

as time passes slow

without you.

May you

never* be

without me.

*John Martyn

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