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Lumps and Bumps

Don’t ignore lumps and bumps that appear on your body. It might be nothing, it usually is, but ‘putting on a brave face’ or dismissing it as ‘oh, it’s nothing’ is ignoring good advice that is available at every turn. Pleading ignorance these days is not acceptable.

There is so much raised awareness of how we can look after ourselves, how we should look after ourselves and how we could prevent the advancement and devastating effects of some cancers.

About a year ago I discovered an odd lump on my jaw. I mentioned it to the dentist the next time I was in for a check up, about 3 months later which had given me time to monitor it. We agreed to leave it for 6 months and review its growth. On my return visit it had grown a little and so he referred me to the Dental Institute at Lauriston Place in Edinburgh for a scan. This proved to be inconclusive and so a further appointment was made for an ultra-sound scan at ERI.

I had my consultation today and happy to be told that it appears to be a benign Lipoma or fatty lump. This came as no surprise as I had 2 Lipomas removed from my back about 4 years ago, and the only reason they were removed was that they were growing and one was nestled quite tightly under my left shoulder blade.

During a routine eye test 3 years ago the young optician noticed a spot in my left eye. Further investigation ensued and I was eventually told it was a Choroidal Nevus – very common, unlikely to be sinister and is being monitored.

Prior to receiving my hearing aid for the deafness in my left ear, the Audiologist sent me for a CAT scan to ensure ‘there was nothing causing a blockage’. He was referring to a cyst, I immediately thought tumour. The scan was clear.

All is well – I do have odd lumps and bumps, some that would remain undetected had it not been for my vigilance or that of the specialist services and I for one am monitoring them closely. For those that require specialist equipment in order to measure any change, I will insist on having a check up every 6-12months.

Listen to your body, note any anomalies with pen and paper, on your phone,  in a diary so that you can track changes as they occur.

Having had to endure the devastating loss of my adored wee sis, I am maybe a bit more aware than others, but we pay National Insurance for good reason: and one of them is the entitlement to the NHS.

Treat lumps and bumps with suspicion. Celebrate if its good news. Call in the love of family and friends if the news isn’t so good. You are not alone.

Lumps and Bumps –  a poem

Under a thumb nail, at the back of an eye

in the soft breast tissue, you wonder why.

Was it the good life that enticed you in,

a sun bed, heavy drinking, being too thin?

Eating too much and sitting quite still

is sure to render you listless and ill.

Turn off the TV, get a dog, get a cat,

keep yourself active, be reassured that

aches and pains will ease in good time

so long as your goal is fitness not whine.

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