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Last night’s showing of The Dark Side of the Moon 360 at Dynamic Earth was outstanding for a loyal Pink Floyd fan such as I am. Naturally I sang along as I am sure everyone else did – in silence, of course so as not to disturb the personal journey each of us was on. For S there was only one recognisable song, Money, but he enjoyed the experience nonetheless.

We had arrived in Edinburgh early intent on getting something to eat and drink and stumbled upon a fusion Thai/Indian restaurant called Shamoli on the Royal Mile. S scanned Trip Advisor reviews before before we went in and the experience we had certainly supported the majority of reviews we read. S chose Pad Thai with king prawn and particularly enjoyed the option of adding additional spices, one of which was vey hot. I opted for Gung Pad King – stir fried prawns stir fried with root ginger, spring onion and soy sauce with mixed vegetables and spices. It was delicious and should have been more than enough to eat. However on our way back we popped into The Golfer’s Rest, in North Berwick largely enticed by the sound of live music. I had just declared that it would be nice to have just one more night cap before heading home – it wasn’t late, about 2130 but the pull of a band and potential to dance soon had me throwing caution to the wind and in we went. The band were ok – playing rock cover versions of Iggy Pop, Stones etc. and I was quite happy to dance alone at times. However when they played James, Sit Down (one of my least favour James songs simply because it is the only one most people know and James have a vast repertoire) I immediately sprung up and danced and sang along. Now I know that I sometimes get lyrics confused but I would have expected that a band being paid to perform would have the sense to be word perfect, but they were not. I was still grumbling about it this morning so S showed me a hilarious clip from Peter Kay talking about how often we get words wrong and continue singing them relentlessly until we catch sight of the intended lyrics: Karaoke experiences.

By the time we eventually got home last night I was consumed by the demon alcohol hunger and managed to devour a sausage roll and a rather substantial amount of chocolate.  I rarely eat sausage rolls but S had bought one earlier and it was certainly much more satisfying than even considering anything as healthy as celery and dry crisp bread but today I had to ‘confess’ all to the great WW app and have to be on my best behaviour this week in order to keep my remaining daily and weekly points! Part of my ‘penance’ (well, I was brought up a Catholic even though I consider myself agnostic now) was to ban the consumption of any chocolate, wine, crisps or biscuits and replace what I had scoffed last night which was actually  what S had bought for himself.

The wind was bitterly cold today and not conducive to long walks with small dog and small child, but we managed a brief hurl around Lodge Grounds encouraging B to locate and use the brake on his scooter which he achieved with some success, before rather pathetically dropping onto the ground, thinking we hadn’t seen him and pretending to have fallen. Many words of encouragement and scant attention to his ‘fall’ and he was off again, hurtling down a short ramp and only just stopping before a steeper incline. Perhaps regular uphill walks will strengthen his legs, and a certain amount of determination and resilience will prevent the need for such unwarrented attention – seeking behaviours. I remember when L was 3yrs old and tried having a tantrum in Sainsbury’s and I giggled and asked what she was doing, to which she replied that she had seen her friend do it. I said but you are L and you don’t do this. She smiled stood up, took my hand and never tried it again.

I have started to read Ten Traits of Resilience by James Hilton and his style of writing and reflective tasks resonate with my own self awareness as I continue on my creative journey, one which has already opened up a myriad of possibilities for my personal development.

Part 2 of the Mental Health First Aid course is on Wednesday and I have already gleaned so much from the first session that I am looking forward to enhanced awareness this week, however my dancing legs are tired and a comfy sofa is calling so I will close for now and continue to read.

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