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I had a particularly good sleep last night – relatively cough free, clear headed and alcohol-less. Not that I’m inclined to drink during the week during term time, but am feeling the benefit of 5 alcohol free nights. Today makes it 6. The big challenge is tomorrow, but I feel so good, have lost 1lb and feel motivated to continue until 24th March.

There is a certain liberation to not being tied to having a drink this weekend – we might go to the cinema at some point and I know for sure that bringing the ponies in from the cold on Saturday morning will feel a whole lot nicer having not had a drink on Friday night.

When I arrived at my desk this morning  I realised that I had left my phone and glasses in the kitchen. My initial reaction was to get back in the car to get my phone. I knew I had a pair of cheap glasses in the drawer and went to reach for them only to discover that one of the arms had fallen off. I managed to tape them together  -nice – and spent the rest of the day with a  very squint pair of specs on my nose.

The phone was another issue – could I really manage a whole day without it? I emailed Him to alert Him that I would be incommunicado through our usual means and decided that actually a day without having my phone might be quite liberating. It was.

To be fair I rarely have time to look at my phone at break and lunch time but it is good to know that I am contactable if needed, and as the day wore on I had all but forgotten that I had a mobile phone.

It was good to be re-united with said technology, however, but perhaps I will switch off a little more often.

Liberation – a poem

Break free and make a change,

switch off, tune in to your inner thoughts

-what springs to mind?

Let it take shape, form and re-form until you have

new ideas, a new thrust and ambition to drive you past

demands and timescales, interruptions and deadlines.

Then sit back and marvel at your achievements.

Walk tall, be liberated.

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