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Lessons Learned

I had a sense that the report on the new Provision in the East Lothian Courier would contain inaccuracies and unfortunately I was right: we are not opening a ‘Hub’ and we do not have an ‘escalation room’. Furthermore we are not a ‘new school’ but very much connected to Knox Academy and the principles of Getting it Right for Every Child, following a Curriculum for Excellence and Equity and plan to regularly reflect on How Good Is Our  School (4).

However, we are proud to be opening a Communication Provision which has been YEARS in the planning, not months, and has a sensory room, exercise room and a calm room for pupils who need time to de-escalate!

Why did I think the reporter would get it wrong? She didn’t have a note book. No matter how good we might think our memory might be, unless it is written down, there are likely to be mistakes. I know there are those who have the ability for auditory learning – ‘a learning style in which a person learns through listening’. I also know that when faced with new terminology while being surrounded by specialists it is wise to be sure of the facts that will be reported.

I do need to work with our local paper in order to promote the vision that East Lothian and I plan to develop, share and achieve for our vulnerable pupils and I hope we can find a means to manage this successfully so that readers get a full and accurate picture.

Today was packing day and I worked continuously with JH from 0900-1100 and then 1120-1220 to pack what few belongings we have. JH had the foresight to devise a system of recording how crates were labelled, what was in them and where they were to go on arrival at Meadowpark. Everything is accounted for.

I could hardly contain myself, knowing that after so many months, we (ELC) had ownership of the building and so popped round at lunchtime to witness the unloading of tables and chairs. Later in the day I proudly showed our pupils their new school. Squeals of delight abounded and I am so excited that I am part of this incredible opportunity to begin a journey of learning through well structured activities, diversity, collaboration and collegiality.

There is much still to do- shelving, installation of IT and unpacking, but as of Monday we will be settling in, able at last to breathe, knowing that our pupils will be accessing the best that they deserve.

I was ‘warned’ that I might not have internet access or phones for a few days and so be out of the loop for a short time – ‘Hoorah’, I cried.

Seriously, I really can’t wait.

Let the focus be on those who deserve it and, please, welcome to the Meadowpark Team.

Lessons Learned – a poem

How should I? When Could I? What must I learn?

Learn lessons in love and voice a concern.

Not to belittle or ignore all that is said,

but reflect on it, consider, be thoughtful instead.

Move in a new space that is safe and well planned,

work as a team, be alone when you can –

to cajole and nurture, share a vision and plan.

And be sure of your right to walk hand in hand.

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