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I’ve Missed You

So according to the stats I have posted 76 blogs, had 942 views from 336 visitors since 22.12.15.

Thank you.

However, since embarking on this project, I am acutely aware that I have missed a day. I was also made aware yesterday that there was an issue between WordPress and Facebook and some of my blogs failed to materialise. So – bear with me while I try to figure this out -it would really help you could PM me and let me know what the last blog you read was.

As I say, apart from the one day – 26.12.15 or Boxing Day, I have blogged every day and some blogs being better than others, it is not my decision to suggest which blogs you enjoy, because we are all experiencing our own outcomes from this journey.

Indulge me for a moment – to fill in the gap – on Boxing Day, The Missing Day,  He, L,T and I all headed to the Macdonald Marine for a couple of hours. The rain was lashing down outside, it was cold, but I had my girls with me and so nothing could deter the enjoyment of quality  time together.

Having been members at in the Spa Health Club we knew exactly what to expect. We swam, chatted, steamed, sweated, reminisced and bonded ever more tightly. When we returned home we lit the fire, opened a bottle of Pinot Noir and chatted. Does life get better?

And so to recent events – I have realised just how important this process has become for me. What I didn’t appreciate until now, is that my blog has become an essential read for so many amazing people who, in turn,  have influenced me.

Again – I thank you.

I’ve Missed You – a poem

When I first met you and we shared a kiss

I’d never know how much I’d miss,

your sparkling wit and charming eyes –

that set you apart from other guys.

I could not know or hope to conceive

that what turned you on was a need to believe.

To hold me, to love me,  to breathe me in,

commit to me, be with me, skin on skin.

we’ve missed the boat or so it would seem.

And so to be with you will be a dream.

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