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Highways and By-ways

The plan had been to leave St Just at 0600 this morning, so I duly set the alarm for 0500 – and what  shock to the system that was! Being so far South West of course it was still very dark, but we were in the car at 0604. Pretty good going for us.

There was a mizzle which hung in the air almost all the way on the A30 and onto the M4. At one point we seemed to be chasing a rain shower: the road surface was wet and so there was a reasonable amount of spray coming back up at us, but no heavy rain on the windscreen. In the rear view mirror, however, was bright blue sky.

We had joked over the all weekend that we had brought the good weather from Scotland with us and yet now it felt like we were driving too quickly for the better weather to stay with us.

Typically the closer we got to London on the M4 – even around Maidenhead and Slough – the traffic volume significantly increased. This has been the one part of the whole journey I have dreaded and much as I have slept well over the last few days I have arrived at J’s with a very stiff and sore neck. Time to book myself a massage on my return, methinks.

We took a detour via West Ilsley, up the A34, to visit family. Long story short but my 2nd cousins, J+J are closer in age to me than their first cousin, my mother. The outrageously youthful and glamorous, Great Auntie P was also present, and being ages with mum I have always considered her as my aunt. So basically my great grandmother was pregnant at the same time as her daughter. J and I have always considered ourselves as cousins but had sort of lost touch over the last 15yrs. So it was truly lovely to finally meet his family: his beautiful wife, R,and 2 adorable girls aged 7 and 5yrs. He always was a bit of a late starter!

The family gathering is to celebrate the lives of J’s parents who sadly both died last year.

In fact last year, and 2 months back into 2014 was our family’s Annus Horribilis. But out of sorrow  comes joy and to have family members re-united today was really special. Made even more special by my Uncle arriving to see us.

He and I were unable to stay for the internment as I had already made arrangements to see L+M in their new flat and Bestie J ( SO many Js!).

The journey into and through London has actually been fairly straightforward, ably assisted by the Navmii app on His phone. As we got closer I realised that this is the first time I have driven to J’s house, having previously taken the train or flown.

The beauty of the car  has been the freedom to come and go and to fill the boot with all kinds of walking  equipment, jackets, food and bottles of wine and beer.

It’s getting near wine o’clock, and hopefully the end of WFH for L so we can admire her new home.

Tomorrow – the return journey North, after a planned lazy start.

Highways and By-ways – a poem

Use your flipping indicator,

woah – couldn’t you see me there?

Now what do you think you’re doing,

driving like you just don’t care?

We all have somewhere to get to

I’d rather be late that not

So don’t be a bleeping road hog

slow down, move over you clot.

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