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#hashtag granola 

I’m beginning to get a handle on hashtags after several years of tweeting. I would have no idea how to generate the interest for a new hashtag but for now I’m happy in my own bubble of limited knowledge.

I’m trying hard to get better at the things I do and striving not to fall into the trap of taking on too many new initiatives before finally completing the process I had begun.

One example of this has been my desire to improve my homemade bread. I have been baking bread for 3years and finally believe I have gained a consistency of texture inside and on the crust. To get there I have read books, watched videos and TV shows and spent hours in the kitchen trying to get the perfect loaf. On Sunday I succeeded and realised that the greatest resource I have is patience.

Let’s call it #teacher5adaygranola and see where that takes me!

Best to use ‘old fashioned’ oats, not finely milled as is usually used for porridge. I prefer Tesco Organic Oats £1.59 a bag or Scott’s Traditional Oats. The chunkier the better.

The joy with this recipe, as I believe with all recipes, is that you can modify it to suit your taste. Therefore all measurements are approximate but for those of you who need exactness I will try to include as much detail as possible.

In a large bowl mix together

500g Oats, 2cups of mixed nuts and seeds : pumpkin, sunflower, walnuts, flaked almonds. 2tablespoons rapeseed or olive oil, 2 tablespoons of honey and 200ml of Maple syrup (use the cheap stuff – Clarks is available in most supermarkets).

Do not add fruit at this stage.

Add 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder (Green+Black’s is best for this but any will do so long as it has a high cocoa content).

Mix all ingredients until everything is coated in honey, syrup, cocoa and oil. You can modify it at this stage by adding coconut if you like or more nuts and seeds.

Spread the mixture evenly on a baking or roasting dish and put in oven for 15mins at 160′. Sorry don’t know what gas mark that is.

After 15 mins remove from oven and mix it up again in the baking tray. Return to oven for 2 mins.

The next stage is also down to choice. I use goji berries and cranberries but you can add raisins or sultanas or any dried fruit.

Make a mound of the granola mix and lay a trail of the fruit in front of this. Then bury the fruit. The idea is to allow the heat from the granola mixture to soften the fruit rather than cook it.

I had some lovely granola recently that was spoiled by burnt raisins that had gone rock hard.

Return the mix to the oven and leave heat on for 1 min then turn heat off and leave granola for 10-15 mins. You want it to get crispy.

Mix all ingredients thoroughly and enjoy with plain full fat Greek yoghurt and fruit.

I like to have breakfast at work so I soak a mix of oats and granola in a small pot with almond milk overnight and add a sprinkle of blueberries.

Enjoy and let me know how it goes.

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