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Freak Weather

Photos appeared all over the social media sites on Thursday night depicting the sudden down pouring of snow across the country. Jack started running from the back to the front of the house, barking and getting terribly excited before I realised that he could see the big fat flakes of snow illuminating against the night.

Living so close to a salty waterway I knew it was never going to settle here – I also knew that I would have to dig out a pair of long boots to wear as I was due to go on a site visit to our new provision. The sleet lashed down and I was glad that I had warm dry feet at the end of it.

What I wasn’t prepared for was the extent of the snow and how pretty the Lammermuir, Pentland and Lomond hill ranges looked.

Having spoken to a several people over the last few days, I know that the snow caused a few problems, but nothing too serious, I gather.

Yesterday the sun shone, the sky was blue and the air temperature had climbed several points up the thermometer. Of course it brought a smile to every face and gave my interactions with the good shopkeepers of North Berwick  even more of a focal point. What else would we talk about if it wasn’t for the weather? Politics? No, too risky and there are better places to hear and air one’s view. Religion? Again, potentially a thorny issue and Ken Livingstone et al have got that one covered. Sex? Depends on what category, but not an easy opening chat line when buying a gift for a friends.

So the weather it is – and the news channels and social media are ablaze with global warming theories, climate change and a wealth of facts and figures to back this up.

So long as I can get my washing out to dry on the line, go out without having to take boots, rain coat and umbrella I’ll be happy.

He’s gone to play a golf competition near St Andrews and had to dig out one of the larger suitcases as the weather is predicted to be very hit and miss: so the sun cream is tucked in beside the waterproofs and shorts.

The washing machine has completed its cycle, there are a few grey clouds scudding across the sky, but there is also a warm East Coast wind – perfect for drying towels and jeans.

Freak Weather – a poem

The world’s getting warmer

that is no longer in doubt,

his heart’s getting colder –

you want to scream and shout

So walk away, don’t turn round

keep your feet on solid ground.

Look up, look out, and make it clear

you’ve only one chance, have no fear.

Your heart will heal, give it time,

life alone is an easier climb.

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