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In my previous post I used an iPad to record minutes of meeting, gather information about pupils for transition and would then email them directly into my inbox to be stored on the server. I used the calendar to set alerts for meetings and reminders. It was a good system and it worked.  The iPad had been provided by the authority and I used it solely for work purposes, keeping all personal email and favourite apps on my phone or personal iPad, believing that never the twain shall meet.

Security of devices is an issue, especially sending emails and files over the ether and we were recently reminded of our responsibility for data protection at work. I was left with a dilemma – there is no current support at authority level to promote the use of personal or even authority iPads to be used to record minutes of meetings, or to hold any other information. The irony is that in spite of a need for convenient use of technology for personal and professional matters, the systems are so often hacked that I find it is safer to revert to pen and paper.

I’ve tried to refine a system that works best for me – I need to have a school-type calendar split into the periods of each day so that I can be specific with my planning – and so use a school planner for this, but it is not big enough to write notes in. I was looking online for a notebook or wallet and suddenly remembered that I had been given beautiful soft leather writing wallet for Christmas some 25 years ago.

I set myself a reminder on my phone to remember to look for it last night – not drinking, meant I had plenty of time to do this – after my walk with C and washing car and shopping for  the week I turned my attention to locating said wallet. In fairness I knew where it should be and there it was. What I hadn’t bargained for was just how many notes, poems and even several chapters of a book I had all but forgotten about.

I lost my confidence as a writer many years ago in two different ways. One was a personal slight against my ability and basically an accusation that anything I said wouldn’t amount to anything and the other was from a rather unpleasant rant from a reader of a blog I started 9 years ago and which I subsequently took down.

I know that some of you really enjoy the blogs and I am truly thankful for your feedback. Writing is something I have always enjoyed and there are numerous notes scattered and hidden in drawers and tomorrow I will set aside time to read through some of my previous work. Its strange but I’m excited and nervous at the same time. I will  discover who I was back then – 15-20 years ago and what I was thinking and feeling.

I’m ready for it now. In this new age of feeling liberated – passing 50 – I have less fear and no time for regret.

Discovery – a poem

‘The pen is mightier that the sword’ –

and I have recorded your misdemeanours

those moments of your undoing –

where you deliberately attempted to put me down.

Thoughtless, clumsy and downright cruel

you thought I would just let it be.

We’ll ultimately see who is the stronger –

you with your acid tongue,

belittling and disregarding,

abusing your position of power.

Or me with my book of notes –

your words. My strength, now discovered,

will see you gone.

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