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Diffusion -the spreading of something more widely.

I was participating in a course this evening on Disability Inclusion Coaching, run by Scottish Disability Sport. We were considering how to make all sporting activities at school, in clubs and in the community more inclusive through careful planning and increased awareness, knowledge and understanding of the needs of participants.

We were a mixed group : made up of volunteers, students, PE specialists and ASN teachers and support workers. We were all there because we believe that we have something positive to offer children, young people and adults who have a disability and who are in our care. We created warm up games, played basketball and Boccia, thinking all the time of how we could modify the experience to ensure equality and a positive experience.

It is not always easy to do the right thing by the right people, not through want of trying but through lack of education, or having a misconception about what truly defines inclusion. The sessions were very good, but in the real world there is still a hell of  a mountain to climb.

Diffusion – the action of spreading the light from a light source evenly to reduce glare and harsh shadows.

As I was driving home after the course, the mist and haar that seems to have been prevalent all day created a spooky halo around street lights, diffusing the light source. The dampness in the air clung to the smoke rising from a house chimney, seemingly suspending the smoke in mid-air.

In the distance the lights from North Berwick High School created an eerie green and orange illusion at the top of the town intermittently shifting as a breath of wind unsettled the moisture particles.

Monday’s glorious sunshine seems like a long and distant lifetime away.

But the sun will return.

Diffusion – a poem

Watch the ripples, see the ink disperse

red and yellow, like wildfire through the water;

catch a waft of scent, familiar, reassuring and safe.

Close your eyes and let sleep envelop you.

Allow your dreams to settle old scores,

reset your tired mind, rebalance your heart

and give hope for the future.

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