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Chris Evans was talking about de-cluttering this morning  on his Radio 2 Breakfast Show and made mention of the kitchen clutter drawer. I chuckled – ours is called the crap drawer! But we do have one. Actually we probably have one in each room in the house- oops!

Most of us hoard something – paperwork, china, photographs, gadgets that have very little value and even less purpose. I have always had a passion for stationary – pens in particular, the occasional notebook, stickers, post-its and an assortment of cards. Trouble is my friends know this about me and will supplement my collection with good intention. Unfortunately I love starting a new notebook but very rarely finish one. When I have time (!) it is my intention to trawl through said notebooks and transcribe some of my ‘words of wisdom’ onto this blog or on the fire.

I have the same problem with photographs. It is so much easier these days – take a snap on your phone, post it on Facebook, Tweet it, Instagram it and forget about it. Delete it from your phone and it can still be found on your favourite site. However I have boxes of photographs that need sorting, possibly into the nearest bin. I don’t look at them,  the ones I think are good, aren’t and I’m not really sure what the purpose of keeping them uncatalogued is. They are all in labelled packets but I still have to trawl through those. In spite of all this, I just can’t bear to throw them all way. His ex-wife threw all his photographs away and it still smarts for him.

I did sit with L+T a couple of years ago and we went through a pile of photos – some of which had more sentimental value for them than for me and so we had fun and I found it very cathartic.

I made a conscious decision to buy myself a laptop last year in order to put everything in one place, and bit by bit I am making progress. In fact by getting rid of a clunky PC and the associated guddle of cables and lack of space on my desk, I have created a proper guest room. I have even managed to keep it reasonably clutter free.

Chris Evans has inspired me and I feel motivated to clear the crap. Besides, after spilling a load of frozen soya beans into the open crap drawer in the kitchen this evening, and having to find them amongst rubber bands, bag clips, batteries, recycling information and pens, the time is now! Or at the very least the weekend. Ok definitely next week…

De-clutter – a poem

Got some light bulbs and do we need screws?

so many old stamps they can’t be used.

Rubber bands, sweetcorn skewers and yellow plastic straws

too much crap is lurking in my bloody drawers.

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