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I am somewhat embarrassed to admit that it has taken me almost a year to sort out my jewellery box, having been giving a beautiful glass one last year for my 50th!

For the last few years I have been using one of the excellent Muji acrylic boxes that J introduced me to years ago on a shopping trip along the King’s Road. What I love about them is that you can see everything at a  glance – an absolute necessity for someone who, like me, is inclined towards an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ mentality. I can tidy things away, make a mental image of what is where, promise myself I won’t forget, and then get a surprise when I then find something I thought I had lost. Or, more likely, find something that I have already replaced while forgetting it was there!

Today I have been ruthless and thrown out loads of stuff including almost-finished bottles of cream that are just too much bother to squeeze out the last few remaining drops from. I am usually very good about re-using and re-cycling but enough is enough when all that I am achieving is an extra place for dust to congregate. I have rinsed them and they are in the re-cycling box however.

So my IKEA Billy CD rack-cum-storage is gleaming and there is a place for everything and everything in its place.

The Muji acrylic box has the ear-rings I regularly wear and the large glass box has watches and bangles, and a couple of necklaces. I don’t own anything of much monetary value, but enough sentimental pieces that warrant giving them a decent place to be.

The ‘fun’ stuff – plastic angles, bizarre ear-rings and outdated ( for me) necklaces can all go to charity.

He is off today and I very proudly announced my success upon de-cluttering my corner. Which corner? He asked. Um – I only have one? No, He said, You have 3: one by your bed, your chest-of drawers area and the bit by the wardrobe where your shoes and boots keep appearing. Oh! I guess even the delicious roasted tomato, garlic and basil soup I lovingly prepared this morning wasn’t enough to quell his annoyance at the build up of my stuff.

I do try to stay on top of things, but I have so many interests- reading, writing, ‘projects’ I am unlikely to even start let alone complete,  fashion, shoes and boots and they all need a place to be, but sometimes they escape.

When I was reading through the main characteristics of Aries and The Snake, I did recognise certain elements as being particularly true: especially starting projects and not finishing them off. Guilty as charged, so as soon as this is published I’ll nip through to the bedroom and do a very quick de-clutter. In other words, open the wardrobe door and chuck everything in.

De-Clutter –  a poem

Thank you for the lovely gift, it’s very kind of you

Of course I love the hats and scarves, creams and candles, too.

I appreciate your every thought when choosing things for me –

it’s just that I already have not one, not two, but three.

I’ll find a place to put, them of that you can be sure

but how do I politely say I just don’t want any more?

Is it time to make a stand and publicly declare

that the greatest gift you give to me is the time we plan to share.

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