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Collective Nouns

We – He and I- have spent a lovely evening with my sister, M, niece, B and David. The sun came out as we arrived in St Just, in spite of the weather forecast of heavy rain and high winds.

We have mollycoddled the dog, cat, chickens, rabbits, child and men.

We = Mel and I: have also continued to massage the egos of our men-folk. I do not mean to be derisory but men will always throw up an anomaly in any situation. However, having 2 men together who get on well, in spite of very little time spent in each other’s company makes for a harmonious and enjoyable evening.

After a delicious supper of Paella, followed by raspberries and cream (the cat got the cream); a bath for B, and quality time together in front of the fire, the discussion turned to collective nouns. We had much fun looking up the associated collective nouns for some animals:

Cats: Clowder, Clutter, Pounce, Dout, Nuisance, Glorying, Glare.

Frogs: Army, Colony Knot.

Penguins – colony, rookery, huddle. LOVE huddle.

Ravens: Unkindness, storytelling.

Worms: Bed, Clew, Bunch, Clat.

So then we come to people:

a Patience or Nag of wives – depending on your point of view and

a Jerk or Unhappiness or husbands.

What a shame and yet how often do we hear that men have made derisory comments about a woman in their company, or someone outwith earshot, and we are expected to laugh along without question. However when a women expresses an opinion she is belittled, undermined or ignored.

The only reason any husband can be unhappy is because he doesn’t spend enough time getting to know his wife.

If a woman ‘nags’ it is either because she is doing far too much in the way of house keeping and needs some support, and he is so used to doing very little, that when asked to take resposibility for an area of cleaning becomes derisory or derogatory.

You can’t have one without the other!

Collective nouns – a poem

a crash of rhinoceros and hippopotamus.

A gaggle of geese and a girls night out;

an anticipation of marathon runners

hellbent on smashing their PB.

Meanwhile a parliament of owls and puffins join forces and wait.

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