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Break Out

I can’t believe it, I wailed to J the other evening during our Face Time chat, I’m 50 and I have spots on my nose and chin.

I am lucky, though as I have inherited great skin from both sides of the family and have rarely been bothered by serious outbreaks of spots. Of course I was subject to the usual teenage lumps and bumps, yes, but nothing that required heavier medication that over the counter spot remedies.

So why now at 50 do I find that my skin is rebelling? And, pathetic as this sounds – and quite gross if I’m honest, I can’t leave them alone! I fiddle, and prod and poke, wash, apply face masks, but to no avail. Of course, I have aggravated what was originally a very small pimple, and I then try pathetically to cover my tracks with make up, but by mid-morning the red mound has reappeared, looking angry and completely out of place. Applications of spot cream dry out the surrounding area and leave a flaky patch that no amount of face cream can soothe away.

Only time, gentle care and cleansing and Nature’s natural healing powers will have the required impact. Of course with the weather being foul and dank throughout the Winter I’m sure there was an underlying build up of impurities that are now making their way to the surface.

With no sunshine holiday booked for this year, I will have to be mindful of my daily routine, drink plenty of water and hope that the pores will open and allow the muck to seep away without me interfering. Perhaps it’s time for a spell of hot baths, candles, some home made TLC and good old fashioned steam.

Perhaps it is time for a holiday – a break from routine, a chance to walk during the middle of the day, cycle and maybe even swim to get things moving again. I do still walk/run every morning but then spend far too much time in front of a computer.

Maybe I am having a natural reaction to overhead lighting, airless rooms and the blue screen light from computer and devices that we are often warned about.

I have just researched blue-light and found that I could be onto something. I will try a blue-light blocking shield and see if that brightens not only my skin but my energy levels. I do not want to wish my days away but I am glad that Easter is early this year – in many ways.

Break Out – a poem

Time for a change, time to break free

time to reach out – for you and for me;

time to plan and think, dream and play –

time to while away the longer days.

A full moon beams

It is not as it seems.

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