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Be Fit after 50!

I have been sending out weekly emails to colleagues for the last 7-8 years called LBD. LBD stands for Little Black Dress or DJ and the email is a sort of distant coaching for those eager to pursue a healthier lifestyle.

I have had some success – many of my ‘clients’ have maintained or lost weight. It has helped me – as I do like to practice what I preach (mostly)! I have been called ‘the voice of conscience’ and have inadvertently texted friends who are literally about to take a lick of an ice-cream or eat a doughnut or stuff chips into their hungry mouths. For others it has been a way of me keeping in touch with colleagues who have moved on or whom I have moved on from.

I have decided that now is the time to use this blog as a way of reaching those who want to live well live long and live healthily. Don’t get me wrong – I am no angel and can blow it like the best person but overall I have adopted a healthy approach to life over the last 20year. On occasion I am met with ‘Oh, you can’t be old enough to have 25yr old and 22yr old daughters ( L+T tease me mercilessly for this) but I am proud of my genes and the effort I put into being healthy and reasonably fit.

I do not follow fad diets and I am more than happy to break the rules but by adopting a certain routine and following a few basic rules my weight has barely changed since I was 18yrs old. It might have fluctuated post children but the last 20 year have seen little more than + or – 7lbs.


I suppose the only ‘diet’ that I follow is to eat clean unprocessed food, real food as far as possible how nature intended it and fresh food, no added sugar and being mindful of my blood type. I eat dark chocolate drink red wine and black coffee and have a weakness for Kettle chips. If I eat too much one day I will cut back the next. I set goals for myself – and and stealing myself for September Dryathlon having failed A. miserably by not being able to stay sober for more than 5 days instead of the 2 weeks I had intended.

So if you think that Christmas is  along way away and that you will have plenty of time to get into your favourite party dress or dj- let me tell you that you have 17 weeks. It is possible to – a a 7-10lb loss in that time or up to 1stone.

I will send clips and links of what is evidence based and proven. No more fad diets and no quick fixes but a whole life approach to feeling and looking great.

So until next Thursday – set your goals, make a plan, stick to it and believe that each small change you make is a positive step to a healthier and longer life.

Be Fit after 50 – a poem

I set myself a goal a long time ago

that time would not creep up like a soft pilllow

and settle firmly on my hips

i had to think what passed my lips.

it isn’t easy when so much is there to tempt

but you brush your hair and not be unkempt

treat your body the same way

and each and every day

enjoy energy and joy and life affirming health.

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