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This morning I had the luxury of being unencumbered by Jack. He had a day off so I was able to run unhindered. He texted later to say that while He had enjoyed His power walk, having Jack did hold him back.

Most mornings Jack and I walk until he does his ‘business ‘ and my sleepy legs have woken up. This also ensures that we walk up quite a steep wee hill before I begin running. From Windygates Rd which is near the top of the town, we run down to the golf course, skirt the edge of this, above the beach and then head back up towards home.

Most mornings a red Jaguar XJ passes us. It comes from one of the new housing estates, calls in at the newsagent by the station and finishes up at The Marine, presumably for the driver to go to the gym. All that effort with the car and yet how easy it is to put on the right shoes and just go.

I measured my route the other day on a Footpath App and was disappointed to note that it was 1.84miles, a little shy of 2 miles which is just a nice round number.

We have to stop for Jack to do his pees and also for his Good Boy treat at the end of the golf course, but this morning instead of turing left I was able to go straight on until Abbotsford Rd and then turn in and back along the golf course. When I returned I measured this route and was delighted to note it was 2.62miles and took less time than when I have Jack!

I have waited days to be able to have an excuse to break from routine so that I can run into the sunrise! It was lovely to be out in the fresh air with the Forth to my left, the islands of Lamb, Craigleith and The Bass Rock remaining steadfast and welcoming the new season of gannets, puffins, shags and kittiwakes.

The first song that came on my iPod this morning was Snow Patrol Run and now as I finish the day I have it playing again.

Run – a poem

Senses shattered, ears ringing,

hearts are pounding.

A black stench begins to fill nostrils

the distance to cover is out of reach.

How could a day end like this

for so many lost in such a short devastating moment.

For those who have lost or been injured or both

in recent atrocities in Belgium,

when your eyes have run dry of tears we will still be here

to support you. We must never run from hate,

but stand united in peace.

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