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I don’t often follow up on a theme but after last night’s gig I just have to. ‘Can’t Get it Out Of My Head’ . Literally, I have ben humming tunes all day. I am surprised that I recalled, without thinking, most words of nearly every song they played last night. Is it that the tunes are so memorable, the lyrics quite simplistic and the music so well composed and produced that it all flows so seamlessly into the sub-conscious. I don’t know or care, it was fun.

If you had asked me a few years ago to name 4 ELO songs, I might have struggled but last night the 20songs flew by, and they were all so familiar. Furthermore, the atmosphere stayed convivial, such a relief from the beer and piss thrown at Kings of Leon and James concerts.

During one brief pause between songs, I heard a familiar Glaswegian cry: ‘Oan yerself, Jeff’.

The last time I had heard that iconic phrase must have been 30years ago at a Simply Red concert. They were being supported by the little known Terence Trent D’Arby who was uncharacteristically overcome by shyness and completely dried up, forgetting the words to the song he was singing.

Glaswegians are world renowned as being one of the best audiences to play live music to, and the crowd did not disappoint that night. There was no boo-ing or heckling, instead a patient supportive air settled amongst us and we sent positive vibes towards the stage. Just when it looked as if he might not overcome the place where he was stuck, from somewhere far at the back of the concert hall came the ubiquitous cry ‘Oan yersel, Wee Man’. This alone seemed to shake him out of his reverie, for he smiled, laughed and said, ‘Thank you, Man’. After that he ‘gie’d it laldy’ and to this day it remains one of the best gigs I have ever been to.

ELO – a poem

Older now and with a little less hair

your voice is smooth as silk

you can’t quite hit the high notes, just

like others of your ilk.

We sang and clapped and danced and sighed

as memories flooded in –

of bedrooms, discos, and birthday nights

your music flowing in.

Last night I was 50 and 15

today I’m just so tired

But I won’t regret the price I paid

seeing your before you retire.

Thank you Jeff Lynne.

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