Welcome to Catching Light Wellness

Discover inner wellness when you learn to catch the light.


Hi, I'm Charli

A passion for catching light started off from an early age. Fortunate to have grown up on the West Coast of Scotland and with a loch view, my father encouraged my sisters and me to observe how the light changed throughout the day and according to seasons. He would marvel at light refracting off the waves, sneaking through the trees and flooding our home with brightness (in between rain showers!)

I take great pleasure from my surroundings, and love to capture this in photographic form, sharing thoughts and reflections on social media. This process caused me to become find new images while walking the same routes. I was rewarded one lunchtime when, while taking a break outside, I saw a rainbow arcing out from the River Forth and was reminded of my father’s words.

At that moment I caught the light and tuned into how I could pay this forward.

Catching Light Wellness was founded on 15th January 2021.

I know coaching works.